Historical Background

Bayombon originated from the term Bayong and Bong. Bayong is a large buri bag, where farmers place the things they bought from Malinta during the market days. Bong is nickname of endearment for a boy. “Daraha tabi an bayong, Bong”, or please bring the bag, Bong. Later it evolved into “Bayonbong” and then “Bayombon”
Another legend about the name Bayombon has it that it was after the name “baybay sa bobon” which refers to the sand in the well.

The third account of how this barangay got its name was according to the old folks of the barrio. The story goes this way. Long time ago, there was a couple whose means of living was only to till the land. They’re depending food from their harvest .Their basic necessities are bought out of the income from the sales of their produce but sometimes they barter a portion of their harvest from other farmers. This couple was known for their hospitality and helping hand to others who have less.

One day, while husband and wife were busy weeding out and cultivating the portion of corn land to be ready for the onset of rainy days, they noticed a boy walking towards them. From the distance, the boy shouted at them to get the “Bayong” from him. To their surprise, the wife run across and said what was it? The boy then was hastened to respond that there were dry goods inside the “Bayong.” The husband asked the boy, who gave you this? The boy smiled and replied, its your cousin Mang Peping Bajar and “Boy” is my nickname.

So from that time on whenever the couple visited their farm they always shouted the word “Bayombong” to combat the heat of the sun. By shouting that word, they feel that the burden of the days work was lessened. It was eventually became their byword anywhere they go. Surprisingly this was how the place got its name.
The Barangay was established in 1895 by the following families: Bacar, Torres, Guadayo, Andaya, Danao, Recto, Nerza, Francisco and Manlapaz.